Destiny Dorozan Kappa

Naked Earth

Throwing the yoke off my back
the storm builds far away
but clouds overhead break
I am spared the wet
although I am damp with yearning.

Down the valley fog falls like smoke
Down the valley where my
precious underthings lie
where I have buried my gold
I am Digging.

The earth is cool and soft
It was spared the wet but
is damp with yearning
I have loosed my toes into the dirt,
they squirm like night crawlers into
red clay.

I have become naked in the
dampness where storm clouds gather
far away—but clouds overhead
break. I am naked in the
earth—I hope you see me and
I don’t hope you care.

I am naked in the valley
where the fog falls in the damp
where my gold is buried in the
(digging) Naked Earth.

Destiny Dorozan Kappa is native of the metro-Detroit area currently living near Asheville, North Carolina. She is a stay at home mom working on a bachelor’s degree in Special Education at Mars Hill College in the evening.


3 Comments on “Destiny Dorozan Kappa”

  1. Lin Says:

    Very descriptive–takes you there swiftly, I like it.

  2. Great mind pictures earthworm toes….and I can feel you going deeper
    in your life journey

    A Fan from LA a.plum

  3. Meg Says:

    And this is why I love you!

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