Judith Bader Jones

Doctor’s Waiting Room

Light flickers on blue chairs
and tweed carpet. Women sit
with their legs crossed. Men stare
into dated magazines. Strangers wait
to face what lies ahead. Outside,
old rain turns into a needle point freeze.
A lost dog limps across the iced road.

Without You

dawn breaks and bears
the light of white
when blues drive
by on murky air.
Echoes bruise the hue
of distant hills while
on the street, night wears
a gray drop cloth.
Lights strobe
behind my lids –
this on and off
of missing you.

An Empty Barn

stands in Missouri,
a stone’s throw
from a river. Vines climb
rafters where we cried
when Daddy cast
hurtful words with
the same ease he used
with his fishing line,
hooked the blush
of womanhood;
wild flowers
that bloomed at night,
moon flowers twisted
on a bob-wire fence.

Judith Bader Jones writes prose and poetry. She is frequently published in Poet’s Corner in The Kansas City Star. Delta Pearls is her first collection of short stories set in the Missouri Bootheel, published by Sweetgum Press, Warrensburg, MO. March 2006. She is a poetry editor for Kansas City Voices.

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2 Comments on “Judith Bader Jones”

  1. Missi Says:

    “Doctor’s Waiting Room” has an aura of creepiness. That’s good. The tweed, the flickering light, the limping, the “what lies ahead?” The same for everyone, right? Even the dog. I love poetry that captures one single moment like this one. And a moment we all recognize, yet sometimes ignore.

  2. Faye Adams Says:

    Fortunate is the one who does not identify with [An Empty Barn] from personal experience. Sadly, many of us do.

    Faye from De Soto, MO

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