Lucinda Lawson





Singing, singing, singing, singing

long past hope of even

late migration, shrilling

into darkness—mockingbird!  

It won’t shut up. 

If I could catch it, cup

it in my hands, I’d pluck

the bloody feathers

from its beating breast,

then twist the trilling throat until

its tender neck bones snap.

I would pop its twiggy-slender

legs, pull the clutching claws

from out its feet, spread wide

the modest pilgrim-gray and white

fans of its tail and wings and pleat

them like accordions, each quill’s spine

creased every quarter inch. 

No more polka for this bird.  No

more crazy-dancing-at-two-



Its head I’d pound with stones

till flesh and feathers, blood and bones gave up

the ribbons of their song.  I’d finally own

those muscled threads, would hold them unbound,

frayed and dumb between stilled fingers

and a steady thumb. 

Lucinda Lawson has a creative writing degree with an emphasis in poetry from Missouri State University (formerly Southwest Missouri State University).  Her work has been published in several small journals, including The Penwood Review and Welcome Home and has been nominated for inclusion in the Pushcart Prize Anthology.  She lives near Hartville, Missouri with her husband and two daughters.



8 Comments on “Lucinda Lawson”

  1. Paul Says:

    These make me feel alive — really alive.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    How wonderful! Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful poems. They moved me.

  3. Randy Says:

    I am so sharing the first one with TG if and when we get engaged … OH no… on our honeymoon maybe I can recite it to her. 🙂

    I have read the second one before dear Sibling and it still scares the crap out of me even though I love it.

    Ever the thrill seeker.

  4. Missi Says:

    This is incredible. I read it over and over. It’s so fun to read, so engaging, you almost forget the subject matter. Something beautiful and wretched at the same time; that is poetry.

  5. patti Says:

    i love the trees entwined image…beautiful imagery, just beautiful…

  6. ben Says:

    Wonderful. It took me two tries to recite Alchemy out loud in my office at church. 🙂 What a beautiful, redemptive piece.

    Mania reminded of an imprecatory psalm only with you being God’s instrument of justice. Fascinating. I had similar feelings about these barking, German Shorthairs outside my windown last night.

  7. f-cynyr Says:

    just loved the flow and images of “Alchemy”. very will writen poem. it captured
    the nature of sex in an act of love.

  8. Jaime Lawson Says:

    I looked up your name as my daughter is also called Lucinda Lawson, and i must say your poetry was very moving to me. Confronting and gentle all at once. I would love to read more. I’m sure my taxidermist friend/boss would love the ‘birdy’ poem.
    Thank you , Jaime Lawson.

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