Yvonne Nunn

Mona Lisa Poses

She taunts the senses with a knowing smile
like evening ladies flaunt full painted lips
in tantalizing promises for pay
when young men follow to an upstairs room.

As hour glass filters time through see-through tube
and sand draws down to dwindle in a dive
she brakes the flow of grains through narrowed glass
and runs her fingers through her tangled hair.

But winter comes in frosted coats of ice
upon her brow when haggard time turns pale
as downward weaves of strokes of light and dark
ignore her pleas for time-out tilt of glass

and drains of grains to create reborn hours.
daVinci tastes the cup of tea break time.

Yvonne Nunn lives in West Texas on a cattle ranch with her husband.
She began writing formal poetry in 1989. In 2005 she was awarded the Pissonneteer of the Year award and is the current Senior Poet Laureate of Texas. She is the instructor of the international Five Bards of a Feather group, who recently wrote 5 crowns of sonnets. Mrs. Nunn’s crown is titled Holy War Crusades.


3 Comments on “Yvonne Nunn”

  1. Carol Dee Meeks Says:

    WOW……..this poem is super and I’m proud of all your hard work. You continue to amaze me. It is an honor to know you and work under you.

    One of the Five Bards…….carol

  2. Agatha Lai Says:


    I haven’t seen this poem so I am so happy to read it here.
    It is a great read. I am so privileged to have known you
    and learn under you. You continue to surprise me.
    Let me know when your new book is

    The Bard from Malaysia


  3. Faye Adams Says:

    Thanks for a great read. I have enjoyed reading your poetry as I’ve taken your online classes, and appreciate all I have learned from you.

    Faye from De Soto, MO

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