Winter-2007 Vol.2


rogue – adj. Operating outside normal or desirable controls

I am happy to present to you the winter 2007 edition of Rogue with a lineup of five talented writers. It is not easy selecting work to showcase here. One sees a lot of material written by many individuals who give something of themselves each time they commit something to a page. Much of what rolls in are in fact very good pieces of work. As editor, I must try and set a tone with what is selected.

Aleah Sato brings us three poems of exceptional voice. Taking us from a mesquite smoldering heartache to miseries locked in depth and giving us a false face
to kiss.
She speaks of growing old, of the brother that can’t even measure up to so many other siblings in equally fragile families. There is very raw human quality exposed in these poems.

I hope that you’ll pardon my sports metaphor but Daniel Wilcox hit a solo shot over fence into the left field bleachers with his Hemingway piece. Such a rugged voice befitting of the departed himself.

I apologize for the tardiness of the winter issue. I won’t go into details for the delay but simply say that it is nearly time for the spring issue and I am in fact already reading some fine work for it though still accepting submissions.

Overall I am pleased with the tone of this volume. I would like to have had more poems in it, but I do believe firmly that quality and tone are more important than quantity. I’m certain readers will agree.


Michael A. Wells – Editor

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