Felino Soriano

Vagabond’s Vision #67

A silent fire resumes elsewhere,
celebrating separation,
finger blaming tangents
foreseeing heirlooms,
golden rings magnified meant as brass bracelets
torn from tufted pockets,
tightly packed,
memories of musical flies.

Released against sheeted screens,
against hallmark explanations,
colors transgress involving
many cadavers, deliberately inflicting
open wounds, sour sounds,
threaded opposite sideways
turning vertical hushing strums
into delicate violinist’s desire,
bequeathing momentary
evaporation of exotic tonal

Smoke deceased, decreasing scenery,
substituting malfunctioning
intricate beliefs with high intensity
complex theories.

Hitherto has remained an untainted version
of translated instruments.

Felino Soriano lives in California where he is employed as a behavioral assistant; he is also currently studying philosophy. Through his occupation, he is able to counsel, care for and learn from developmentally disabled adults. Classic and avant-garde jazz are muses. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in several online journals including Blaze VOX, Ygdrasil, Bewildering Stories, Houston Literary Review, The Foliate Oak, among others


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