J Michael Wahlgren


Besides your temples and dimples,
lies a key. Your lips
are a sideways crescent moon,
moving in an elegant direction.
The moonwalkers stalking, your kind

We drink at the half door because of its effervescent tone.

The edifices built on little clam shells.
Your teeth are happy caskets waiting.
The essence of love;
a muted dove
Comes forth to distinguish your pleas.

The bookshelves are full of dust-mites, perhaps you’ll sneeze.

The wind rushes by in a gust;
dust on the end of a caboose.
Tickets are torn:
shoes are worn.
All coming together in a crescent womb.


The sullen glance
half way

down the stairs-
a bourbon

and tonic-
spilling its contents.

A tumble,
on the rocks-

on the floor.
A meditative

with the rug.

J Michael Wahlgren has been published in elimae, flutter. static movement, 3lights, qarrrtsiluni, cosmopsis quarterly, psychopoetica, and watching the wheels: a blackbird. He is currently the editor of the Flask Review.


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